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There are certain people who aren't meant to fit in your life
No matter how much you want them to be there
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Lady Mistress ♥

Evelyn Zhang
♥Happily Single♥
Sweetie nineteen
Born on 31/05

Unless you've lived my life
Don't judge me because you don't know
never have and never will know
every little things and details about me

She may look strong on the outside
but she is not
She believes in karma:
what goes around come around
To her: Life's full of regrets
& it will never be fair

she loves DBSK/JYJ♥
Kpop, korean dramas & shows, family, sisters, friends, pink and winnie the pooh :)

♥Always keep the faith!♥

Desires ♥

Learn korean
Go taiwan and korea!
Go genting!
Learn dancing
A new jacket
A new wallet
Getting into the course i like
Great 21st birthday celebration!
Cut down on vulgarities
Changing all those bad habits
A guy that love me
Change phone
Perm my hair?
Nice braclet
Lots of money!
Rebond my hair again
Dye my hair
Ride s.pore flyer with my love one
My own laptop
Surprising birthday every year
My very own room

Friday, November 26, 2010

off day today
didn't went anywhere at all
was feeling so sick :(
cough and sore throat
was sleeping for almost the whole day

tomorrow working morning shift
hope i will get much better by tomorrow

I don't know what wrong with me. why am i turning this way? i really hate it but i just couldn't control. sighs. i told myself never to let my heart to be opened ever again. i am not going to be dumb and stuipd anymore. not going to be bully or be control by people anymore.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

working working and still working
but i am happy working in my current company :D
although loads of things to do and learn

went club for the last two weeks
like going back to my nightlife
don't know good or not good =.=

nothing much to update
just miss my kpop and drama!
long time never catch up
just catching up a bit when i am free only :(

yes, you are still there. i won't deny but i am slowly letting it to fade away. i don't know how much time it will take. however, i believe soon you be out of my mind and heart. :)

waolao! you make me so piss off! whatever is happening now is your own fault. blame no one but yourself. now then want to regret doesn't it a bit too late? makeing me feel more and more disappointed with you. come on! get a life of your own and stop meddling into others people life.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

today and tomorrow off day!
today stayed at home
didn't went anywhere because i feel lazy and also don't feel like going out

having moodswings recently
it sucks ttm
i hate this feeling
hope it will faster go away
shoo shoo!

i had alr done everything i can for you. you have to depend on yourself sometime. can't expect me to help you with everything.
i am human too. i will get tired one. it really tiring for me you know? you are starting to make me disliked you. sighs.

i don't know what wrong with you but i hate your attidute. for now i still can bear but oneday i might just brust. hope that you will realised yourself soon and change. you have to remember no one in this world owns you anything.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

next week whole week morning shift
don't know want to happy or sad about it?

work getting intrested for me and i like the job :)
people there also all very nice ^^

hope time will erase everything and my life will get busier so that i won't think of you anymore and slowly let go.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

work feel like a drag as each day passby
today attached to housekeeping
the worst attachment ever!
i am applying for front desk not housekeeping k!
super moody!
if anyone want to tell me that it nothing then save it
you are not me, so won't understand

tomorrow off day!
so tired! :/

moody moody moody!!!!!!!

during this time, how i wish you were here to comfort me and understand how i feel. i missed you a lot a lot! sighs. i knew you could never be there for me like the past. it just so hard for me to let go. okay, going to stop. if not going to cry alr.

forget it! who will understand how i am feeling? you are not me. don't know how i lived my life and what i had been through. i don't want to say anything more. even my own family don't understand so how can i expect others to understand me?